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Includes Treadmill, Elliptical, Bikes, Spin cycles, Rowers, Climbers, Tyre rolling trainer, Load bearing tank.

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Includes Budget Series, Classic Series, Premium Series and Plate loaded Series.

IF 8018


Includes two series, 100 Series and 200 Series.

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Includes 500 Series and 600 Series.

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Includes 7000 Series of machinaries.

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We provide a  wide range of all gym accessories.

All About

Iron Factory Pvt Ltd.

We are Well-Focused in the business of Fitness and meeting our customer's needs.

We are Innovators in the Fitness products and processes who adapt to the changing need of the business.

We are Accountable to ourselves and our teams by taking responsibility for your actions and adhering to high ethics and standards.

We are Collaborative and foster a work environment where respect for each other is expected and openness to challenge is the norm.

Commercial Gym Set Up

We provide smart solutions for the clients to set new GYM. With many years of experience in the fitness industry, we believe in giving the best of the best Solutions and rates matching to the requirement of our clients.

Equipment Importers

We are licenced gym equipment importers.

Residential Gym Set up

We do residential or Non - Commercial projects. We try our best to give right solution to the right customer.

Equipment Service

We possess a professional and experienced team of engineers and technicians with several years of experience in revamping and servicing the equipment.

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